Black Mouse Sensor

Designer João Gordilho has delivered an innovation design that offers convenient operation as well as fast scroll on documents with no clicks needed on scroll bar. The mouse is perfectly designed for both left and right hands. The design is inspired by joysticks that are used in flight simulators. Some characteristics of this mouse are, for example, four [...]

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Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real

Whenever you’re searching for Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real- Find Out pic, reviews or features we take them here for you to watch. We already gather the high-topped quality Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real- Find Out pics, features or reviews for Gadgetfloor’s users to use. [...]

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Roku 2 XD turns any TV into a Smart TV

    The $80 Roku 2 XD sits in the middle of the current lineup of Roku streaming media boxes. It's very similar to the Roku 2 XS, but it lacks that model's Ethernet port, USB port, and included motion remote. All of the Roku models can turn any TV -- an HDTV or an old [...]

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How big a TV should I buy?

37? 42? 50? 65? 90? There's an HDTV size for every room and every budget. But if you're not limited by a cabinet or entertainment center, how big of a TV can or should you get? The short answer: as big as you can afford. The longer answer depends on your room, your seating distance, [...]

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How to buy a cell phone as a gift

Shopping for a cell phone as a gift takes more work than you might expect. CNET guides you through the holiday shopping process.   Cell phones can make fantastic holiday gifts, but purchasing one for someone other than yourself is more complicated than shopping for other gadgets. Unlike a laptop or a shiny new camera, [...]

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The five best Black Friday deals I've seen yet

This year, there are a few deals that might actually be worth the long lines and deal-crazed crowds. I'll admit that in recent years I've become pretty jaded on the subject of Black Friday. Grinchy, even. That's because I don't think it's worth standing in long lines and fighting crowds just to save a few bucks. [...]

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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

When it comes to rivalry in the smartphone Universe, the dispute does not come any more intense than it is between Apple’s iPhone line and Samsung’s Galaxy S line. Samsung and Apple are the two absolute leaders in the smartphone market, account for 50% of the smartphones sold each month (Apple sells an iPhone for [...]

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Dropbox reaches 100 million users, still going full speed ahead

A new announcement from Dropbox today has confirmed that the company has just reached a user base of 100 million users. This milestone was undoubtedly achieved thanks to all the initiatives the company has taken over the past year. Since the introduction of Google Drive, Dropbox has stepped up its game in order to keep [...]

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WSJ: Samsung to release first “so-called” flexible gadgets in the first half of 2013

There have been so many different ETAs mentioned in reports based on “sources” and “insiders” for Samsung’s launch of the first gadgets with flexible displays that we’ve started to think the entire thing will never happen. Although we know that the technology is there and we’ve seen a bunch of prototypes, Sammy is still experiencing [...]

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Free Android 4.2 keyboard with gesture typing now available in the Google Play Store (update: now available for ICS devices)

The world of Android got a lot more exciting recently with the release of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. So exciting, in fact, that Google had to postpone the release in several countries in order to not run out of stock. However, those who aren’t upgrading their devices are still patiently waiting for Android [...]

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