A New Way to Experience Cognac

The “Seduction Series” is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Rémy Martin. These unique items of glassware and serving accessories are intended to sensitize people to the expectation of complex olfactory experiences by using specific gestures.The service will be exclusive to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate [...]

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Ringing The Images

The CAMER-ing is a discreet digital camera that is designed as a ring. It works in sync with a tablet-esque platform that allows you to sift through what you have captured. The basic idea is to let you capture images on the go without the hassle of the bulk. Also, some radical snapshots can be [...]

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Latest mobile phones 2012: hottest handsets reviewed

In the ever-changing mobile market, it can be hard to keep pace with the latest mobile phones. That's why we've put together this hub for our latest mobile phone reviews and hands on: to give you the ideal jumping-on point for choosing the best handset for you out of the most current models around. We [...]

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HTC One X+ review

The HTC One X+ isn't exactly a new handset as such, as it shares many similarities with its brother the HTC One X, but there are a few key upgrades in play here. We were very impressed with the original One X when it was released earlier this year, and it managed to clock up 4.5 [...]

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HTC Windows Phone 8X review

A splash of colour, Microsoft's latest mobile platform and a sleek new body are combined with more powerful hardware - is the 8X the phone to bringWindows Phone 8 to the masses? HTC's been in a bit of a weird position these last few years. From the days of anonymity when it made Windows phones for [...]

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Google Nexus 4 review

Google's Nexus (ten points to anyone who can tell us if Nexi is the correct plural) smartphones have always set the standard when it comes to a pure Google experience. The first Nexus One was a true geek device. Sold only through Google directly (apart from a brief flirtation with Vodafone), it never achieved massive sales. But [...]

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Samsung Ativ S review

For anyone wondering what Samsung's answer to the Windows Phone 8question will be, we've got the answer. It's the Samsung Ativ S, an aluminum beauty with a 1.5GHz processor that's ready to rock with Microsoft's new smartphone OS. Thanks to phones and phablets like the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung has established itself as an industry [...]

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HTC Windows Phone 8S review

We've already reviewed the HTC Windows Phone 8X and found it to be a slightly mixed bag that's more good than not. Now, at the Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco, we took a hands-on look at the 8S, just weeks ahead of its rumored November release date.         Showing [...]

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Huawei Ascend G330 review

The Huawei Ascend G330 is a fairly uninspiring phone, but is designed to appeal to those that want to spend only a little on a smartphone. These people may want something more than a £70 effort from the bargain bin, but won't break the bank. Which makes the G330 a little bit of an oddity, [...]

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10 best Android music players

  It's hard to describe the standard Android music playing experience, as thanks to the amazing variety of skins and interfaces out there, there isn't really one unified way that every Android user uses to play and manages their tunes. Yes, Google supplies a barebones music player as part of the standard Android software, but [...]

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