How to Root Any HTC Mobile

A new tool was released this week that allows you to root your HTC device, regardless of which one it is, as long as it has Android on it. Created by XDA Recognized Developer lyriquidperfection, HTC Quick Root is a complicated little bugger that takes rooting to a whole new level. You should check it out [...]

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HTC Thunderbolt Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leak

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been long promised for the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. HTC told us back in May that we should see something in June or July. Earlier this month HTC updated Thunderbolt owners again, moving their timeline to the end of August. It looks like they may just be on target after all. [...]

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HTC One S: Root, bootloader unlock, and custom recovery using all-in-one toolkit

Gone are the days where we’d have to fiddle with command prompts to get root access. These days, there are rooting packages that can easily root your phone with a click of a button. Even luckier for HTC One S owners, there is a toolkit that isn’t just limited to rooting your phone. You can [...]

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Nexus 7 toolkit for bootloader unlock, rooting, custom recovery, etc.

Sometimes, we just have to think back and reminisce about the days when we were new to Android and methods for rooting, unlocking bootloaders, and just about everything was complicated and scary. Thanks to the Android development community, however, months of hard work have paid off and newbies nowadays can enjoy easily rooting their devices [...]

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How to upgrade the HTC One V CDMA to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod 10 (unofficial)

If you’re talking about the current hot picks of Android devices, the mind immediately comes up with the Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 7, and maybe the Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy S4. Things just keep on getting better and more exciting about Android, always leaving users with more things to crave. Speaking of craving, [...]

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