HTC One X+ review

The HTC One X+ isn't exactly a new handset as such, as it shares many similarities with its brother the HTC One X, but there are a few key upgrades in play here. We were very impressed with the original One X when it was released earlier this year, and it managed to clock up 4.5 [...]

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HTC Windows Phone 8X review

A splash of colour, Microsoft's latest mobile platform and a sleek new body are combined with more powerful hardware - is the 8X the phone to bringWindows Phone 8 to the masses? HTC's been in a bit of a weird position these last few years. From the days of anonymity when it made Windows phones for [...]

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HTC Windows Phone 8S review

We've already reviewed the HTC Windows Phone 8X and found it to be a slightly mixed bag that's more good than not. Now, at the Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco, we took a hands-on look at the 8S, just weeks ahead of its rumored November release date.         Showing [...]

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HTC jumps into phablets with Droid DNA

                                      Today at a glitzy New York press conference, Verizon officially unveiled its new HTC Droid DNA. The $199.99 smartphone will hit carrier stores on November 21, with pre-sales beginning today, and will be the most feature-packed [...]

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HTC Titan 4G Windows Phone

The HTC Titan 4G is the first 4G-capable Windows Phone to launch in Australia, aiming to give the flagging Windows Phone platform a timely boost. Telstra's excellent 4G speeds are welcomed if you can get them and the Titan 4G itself offers a predictably slick user experience. However, its chunky design will turn many users [...]

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HTC One XL Android phone

The HTC One XL looks almost identical to the HTC One X but has one major difference: the XL is a 4G smartphone and is therefore capable of the fastest mobile data speeds. The One XL delivers seriously impressive 4G speeds provided you regularly use your phone in a Telstra 4G coverage area. Pros Super fast 4G speeds Elegant [...]

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HTC Desire X

Good Android 4.0 and Sense 4.1 Dual-core 1GHz chip Clear, colourful 4-inch screen MicroSD card slot Should be fairly cheap Bad Plasticky build quality If you own an HTC Desire orWildfire, which is much loved but getting towards the end of its useful life, HTC has lined up an affordable mid-range replacement for your beloved 'droid with [...]

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HTC One Bloom Concept, the Future Flagship of HTC

Hasan Kaymak just sent me another one of his HTC Concepts, this time a model that sounds like a flagship. I’m talking about the HTC One Bloom handset, pictured below. This is a 4.7 inch Full HD smartphone with a very thin waistline and a thin bezel around the screen. The phone also uses 4 LED [...]

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HTC Desire VC

For Android fans that prefer HTC Android smartphones, it appears that HTC has two new ICS 4.0 handsets coming out to play in the form of the HTC Desire V their first dual SIM handset, along with the HTC Desire VC, which is a dedicated dual-mode model destined for China. specification:   GENERAL 2G Network [...]

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HTC Titan II

The good: With an arrestingly large 4.7-inch screen, 4G LTE, satisfying performance, and the highest-resolution camera ever on a U.S. smartphone, the HTC Titan II raises the bar for Windows Phone devices. The bad: While an ultrasharp shooter sounds great, we're not sure about paying an extra $100 for the privilege. The phone's massive size could be an issue [...]

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