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Electronic Devices Controlled With Your Mind

The smart technologies based on BCI (brain–computer interface) principles are really fascinating, due to them you can make your gadget do what you want. For along time it has been only an integral part of sci-fi movies, however, time flies and here are the 6 gripping electronic devices already available for sale. Star Wars [...]

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Safe.Space.Buoy : A Live Saving Equipment That Emits Orange Lights to Discourage Sharks From Approaching

We know that sharks love seal-like color, but also are interested in contrasts of colors. However, according to these designers, Sharks have tendency to be repelled by orange color thus making them to createSafe.Space.Buoy, a live saving equipment for survivors of boating accidents using orange light. Those survivors are left in the water where their [...]

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A New Way to Experience Cognac

The “Seduction Series” is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Rémy Martin. These unique items of glassware and serving accessories are intended to sensitize people to the expectation of complex olfactory experiences by using specific gestures.The service will be exclusive to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate [...]

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Ringing The Images

The CAMER-ing is a discreet digital camera that is designed as a ring. It works in sync with a tablet-esque platform that allows you to sift through what you have captured. The basic idea is to let you capture images on the go without the hassle of the bulk. Also, some radical snapshots can be [...]

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Black Mouse Sensor

Designer João Gordilho has delivered an innovation design that offers convenient operation as well as fast scroll on documents with no clicks needed on scroll bar. The mouse is perfectly designed for both left and right hands. The design is inspired by joysticks that are used in flight simulators. Some characteristics of this mouse are, for example, four [...]

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Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real

Whenever you’re searching for Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real- Find Out pic, reviews or features we take them here for you to watch. We already gather the high-topped quality Gadgets we Imagine to be Real and which is real- Find Out pics, features or reviews for Gadgetfloor’s users to use. [...]

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Roku 2 XD turns any TV into a Smart TV

    The $80 Roku 2 XD sits in the middle of the current lineup of Roku streaming media boxes. It's very similar to the Roku 2 XS, but it lacks that model's Ethernet port, USB port, and included motion remote. All of the Roku models can turn any TV -- an HDTV or an old [...]

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How big a TV should I buy?

37? 42? 50? 65? 90? There's an HDTV size for every room and every budget. But if you're not limited by a cabinet or entertainment center, how big of a TV can or should you get? The short answer: as big as you can afford. The longer answer depends on your room, your seating distance, [...]

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How to buy a cell phone as a gift

Shopping for a cell phone as a gift takes more work than you might expect. CNET guides you through the holiday shopping process.   Cell phones can make fantastic holiday gifts, but purchasing one for someone other than yourself is more complicated than shopping for other gadgets. Unlike a laptop or a shiny new camera, [...]

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WSJ: Samsung to release first “so-called” flexible gadgets in the first half of 2013

There have been so many different ETAs mentioned in reports based on “sources” and “insiders” for Samsung’s launch of the first gadgets with flexible displays that we’ve started to think the entire thing will never happen. Although we know that the technology is there and we’ve seen a bunch of prototypes, Sammy is still experiencing [...]

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