Sony NEX-7 digital camera

The Sony NEX-7 has an interesting lineage: it’s the top model in the second generation of Sony’s NEX interchangeable lens camera system, a group of cameras focused on good image quality without the bulky controls and steep learning curve of a digital SLR. The NEX-7 has eschewed the light-on-buttons mentality of the previous NEX-5 and NEX-3 models, though, with [...]

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Sony SD Handycam dcr-sx22

With an optical zoom of 60X paired with a 70X digital zoom and the more effective use of the image sensor area, the new Sony SD Handycam will let users film far away objects with little to no image degradation. The DCR-SX22 boast an impressive feature set including a high quality Sony 60x optical zoom [...]

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The Sony NEX-C3 leans hard towards the DSLR side of the mirrorless camera spectrum. Simply stated, the NEX-C3 performs much better than the others in nearly every situation. It's better, and, yup, bigger and heavier. The 18-55mm kit lens isn't collapsable, so this camera is never going to fit in your pocket, and while taking [...]

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Sony RX100 review

    This is a review of the best pocket camera ever made.The Sony RX100 has a huge one-inch sensor - the biggest ever stuffed into a pocketable zoom camera But first, a history lesson. For years camera makers worried about competition from only one source: other camera makers. But in the end, the most [...]

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