Pick Up Lines making your Valentine’s Day Unforgettable

Today I am really happy writing this post for all the guys whom are afraid to tell their feelings to the person they love Below are some cool and freaking awesome pickup lines that will made you day Unforgettable . That will Help Making Your Proposal Memorable. 1. Use a classic: “Will you be my [...]

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Can Eating Chocolates Improve your Math Skills ?

Eating chocolate could improve the brain’s ability to do math, a new study suggests. Mental arithmetic became easier after volunteers had been given large amounts of compounds found in chocolate, called flavanols, in a hot cocoa drink. They were also less likely to feel tired or mentally drained, the findings, presented at the British Psychological [...]

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Think Big : Nikola Tesla

Sometimes even the most far-fetched ideas engineered by forward-looking inventors can lead to disruptive innovation. An example? Inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla and his contributions to alternating current (AC) technology, an innovation that spearheaded the adoption of electricity around the world. Although much of Tesla’s work remained obscure at the time of his death, his [...]

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NASA successfully tests engine that uses no fuel, violates the laws of physics

Very quietly, NASA has tested a space drive that does not use propellant and according to the laws of physics should not work, according to a Thursday story in Wired.UK. The problem is that the drive, called the “Cannae Drive” by its inventor Guiddo Fetta, did work in the NASA directed test. If the efficacy [...]

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Make Web Safer And win $300,000 From Facebook

facebook announced today that it is upping its commitment towards internet security with larger awards in 2015 for winners of the Internet Defense Prize. Let’s build a secure internet. The Internet Defense Prize recognizes and rewards research that meaningfully makes the internet more secure. Created in 2014, the award is funded by Facebook and offered [...]

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Henry Ford Saying Coming True

"Mark my word:A Combination of Airplane and motor car is coming.You may smile, But it will come." - Henry Ford, 1940 Ever been hopelessly sandwiched in bumper-to-bumper traffic and fantasized about flying far, far away? As in actually pressing a button that magically releases a glorious pair of wings from your vehicle, escaping the infuriating gridlock [...]

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7 Habits Of Exceptionally Smart People

If a list is rolled down of the most-written about subjects ever in literary history, the ‘How to be Smart’ would definitely occupy the top spot. It is not that the writers are unnecessarily flooding readers with books on this subject; it is just that the subject finds way too many readers. And that is [...]

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Electronic Devices Controlled With Your Mind

The smart technologies based on BCI (brain–computer interface) principles are really fascinating, due to them you can make your gadget do what you want. For along time it has been only an integral part of sci-fi movies, however, time flies and here are the 6 gripping electronic devices already available for sale. Star Wars [...]

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How To Work Out Like Bond

HOW TO GET IN JAMES BOND-LIKE SHAPE Sony Pictures "This isn’t a slow-speed pull-up or chin-up, but more of a rapid acceleration to build that power to rapidly scale that under-construction building so you can track down your foe and shoot him in the face." Our new iPad edition is all about Bond. James Bond. Get [...]

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Safe.Space.Buoy : A Live Saving Equipment That Emits Orange Lights to Discourage Sharks From Approaching

We know that sharks love seal-like color, but also are interested in contrasts of colors. However, according to these designers, Sharks have tendency to be repelled by orange color thus making them to createSafe.Space.Buoy, a live saving equipment for survivors of boating accidents using orange light. Those survivors are left in the water where their [...]

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